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MARK INTERNATIONAL is a garment sourcing company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has a good reputation in the market and our customers are satisfied with our work. Our company has twelve years of experience regarding sales. We are committed to provide results to our clients and consequently, results for our manufacturers. 

Since 1998, the company has set several benchmarks in the market and has had a great reputation in the US market. Due to it's commitment, prompt communication, and quality assurance.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing a variety of garments, from basic items to highly fashionable garments. Guided by our customers conceptual ideas and emerging trends in the industry, our highly qualified and experienced teams create superior quality products that meet the requirements of all our customers and exceeds their expectations.

To cater requirements of our customers we have the designing facility in USA, and our own sample facility with all required machineries in Bangladesh. Due to which the sample turnover time is very short. As we develop fabrics ourselves, we are very strong in sourcing the raw materials which helps to seperate us from other traditional sourcing companies. 

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